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Pictou Landing
First Nation

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rally by sea

all boats welcome!

Fishermen from throughout Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick  will be on Pictou Harbour in full force  sending a message to our government that an effluent pipe in the Northumberland Strait is not an option.  Pleasure boaters, motorized and non-motorized, are encouraged to join  fishermen in supporting a healthy, sustainable Northumberland Strait.

6 things you need to know to rally by sea....
  • All boats are asked to meet at the mouth of Pictou Harbour at 12:30 pm 
  • Small watercraft to gather along Pictou waterfront shore by 12:30 pm.  Please stay close to shoreline.
  • If you have a VHF radio, switch to channel 68 for further instructions and to hear Land Rally activities.
  • RCMP and Coast Guard will be in the harbour to ensure everyone's safety.  Boat Safely!
  • Boats must be insured and licensed. (not required for small recreational non-motorized boats)
  • Any passengers wishing to join rally activities on land,  may be dropped off at Hector Quay Marina before 12:30 pm. 
Boat flags, signs & banners....
  • Fly your provincial or First Nation flag
  • #NOPIPE flags available for $35 at Pictou Fishing Supplies - 3297 HWY 376, Pictou, 902.485.8804
  • #NOPIPE t-shirts, hoodies and ball caps available at Pictou Fishing Supplies
    and Wearwell Garmets - 126 Acadia Avenue, Stellarton,  1(800) 565.1188 
  • Add your own touch to make your boat a floating billboard for #NOPIPE. 
Please take 30 seconds to sign-up your boat!
$500 goes to the pre-registered boat traveling the farthest by water to the rally!!